Big Drawings in a big building

At the end of October we decided to join in The Big Draw; a charity made to encouraging everyone to have a good scribble. Big Draw events highlight the power of drawing to help people see, think, invent and take action. We made use of the big panoramic views here at Centre Point by putting clear film on some of the windows and letting people draw their magical version of our wonderful capital city.
A lot of fun was had, silly, strange and serious images were created and everyone was brought together by the power of art.



We are now
residing in
Centre Point.
It’s the
very large
Court tube.
There are
quite a
few stairs.
A pretty
cool place
to work.
if you like

Stairs smThe stairs. There are a few of these.

Ninth floor Centre Point sm3


The view this very morning. From the ninth floor. I’ll try to get to the top soon.




And here we are, at the top of the building, with close ups and captions.



Paramount_imagery 2 SM


Paramount_imagery 2A

Paramount_imagery 2B

Paramount_imagery 2C

Paramount_imagery 2D

Paramount_imagery 2E

Croquet Away Day

Our summer do this year involved mallets, hoops and balls.
We all went down to Parsons Green Croquet Club for a challenging but civilised day knocking each other into next week.
No-one was black-balled, the sun shone and Pimm’s was quaffed.
A jolly good show all round. Here’s the evidence.


Illustrating from the ground up…

From the molecular structure of a blade of grass to symbols for the weather, our illustrations covered the spectrum of turf.
We have seen a lot of green. Getting to grips with the life cycles of the pests which can ruin a golf course was especially fun.
See more about the 192 page brochure design here.


The Design Week That Was.

It’s been Design Week in Clerkenwell.
So we grabbed a pass and took a look at some inspiring exhibitions and shows.

More uncomfortable chairs than you could shake a fancy stick at, but of course there was some fantastic stuff as well.

We learnt to draw in two point perspective with Trevor Flynn*, chatted to lots of  designers and saw some outstanding work.
From feathered walls to exquisite cheesboards, it was all there.

Design week imagery

If you ever get a chance to go to the ‘House of Detention’ venue don’t pass it up. Really atmospheric. And a bit Gothy.
The Order of St.John venue was outrageously good as well.

Please have a look at all these sites it’ll be just like going,
just without the flocks of hipsters;

Stars of the Silver Screen!

Stars of the silver screen!

In the glamorous world of cinema, things move fast, are exciting and BIG!

As explained in a recent ‘behind the scenes’ article about us, our client EMPIRE Cinemas’ in-house publication – Pulse Magazine, showcased our ability to keep up. “Achieving the highest levels of quality takes time”, yet in just a few hours each and every week, we are capable of creating a huge amount of “dazzling pieces of artwork” which include POS, Print Ads and Facebook content.

We love cinema and it seems cinema likes us too.

Pulse Magazine Article 2013

The full Pulse Magazine article can be seen here

Les Ms. L


We have a new recruit to Brand Electioneering, the revolutionary Ms L.
What she doesn’t know about Social media isn’t worth ‘liking’.
Her passion for Musical Theatre makes her very happy, not Miserable…
especially after meeting Huge Jack-man at the Grande ouverture of the film of Les Mis.
That’s Entertainment!