Now now NOW!

The snowballing success of Twitter and Facebook has given web users a bigger thirst for up-to-the-second information than ever. Latest trends appear daily on the Twitter homepage, and everyone wants to know what everyone else is talking about, right now.

Real-time searching is no new thing – just a simple search on Twitter will bring up conversations on any given topic within seconds, but often the task of sifting through the nonsense is too much to bear. That’s where the likes of CrowdEye make a difference – and it’s one of the latest search engines that I’ve been using over the last week or two. Give it a try.

Just a search for London Fashion Week last week (which was just down the road, at Somerset House on The Strand) brought up photo albums as they were being uploaded, articles as soon as they were published, what other people were searching for and what they’re saying about it. A lot of which even Google is struggling to keep up with.

Proof if ever we needed it that brands and people alike are being sucked into the social media revolution.

Related searches, up-to-the-second

Related searches, up-to-the-second


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