The Bunny bites (nibbles) back!

Cadbury's Caramel Bunny

Barbie gets Louboutins and now the famous bunny gets Deacon. If you haven’t spotted the ad whilst reading the paper on the dreaded commute in the morning, where have you been hiding (sleeping)? To coincide with the launch of Cadbury’s Caramel nibbles, the bunny got a makeover- poker dot style! Admire her fashion sense? Well now you get the chance to dress like her.

Don’t all rush at once to the pop-up store at Carnaby Street though, as it’s strictly window-shopping only. Keep your nose to the social media stomping ground for clues, as these limited scarves are only available through the World’s first digital pop-up shop, which will pop up on numerous fashion blogs this Friday.

Teaming the Cadbury’s brand with the mighty Giles Deacon and creating a limited edition product, is bound to generate a buzz around Caramel nibbles. Not being able to queue up for the scarf (I’m thinking Jimmy Choo for H and M in a few weeks) is going to engage the audience. Turning it into a fashion blog treasure hunt- genius!

So praise to Cadbury’s for realising that integrating Social Media and ‘Traditional Marketing’ is the way forward.

So go on, give it a go…I’ve already got mine!


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