Biggest film of all time prompts massive jump on 3d blue bandwagon.

Our man in the cutting edge tech-jungle Adam C. Pointing into the future.

Who’d have thought that a revolutionary process would be so, um, err, revolutionary?
That silly glasses would be cool? At Brand Electioneering we’ve been thinking a little about what could benefit a little blue 3d treatment…

Chelsea really blues: Roman Abramovich’s Billions could easily afford to Avatar program his ‘Chelski’ team, and whilst Sky Sports haven’t quite hit the nail on the head with 3D viewing just yet a new body for Frank Lampard can surely only be a good thing?

3d from Massive Attack
: saving on the 3d technology, plus their first album was called Blue Lines. It would freak out their stoner fanbase too.

Eastenders: a blue Dot Cotton pointing her fag into your living room! Phil turning blue instead of pink! It’s got to make Ian Beale more attractive for a start.

Bus stop ads for the Conservatives
: The right colour, it might hide the ‘slapped on with a trowel’ retouch job they’ve done on David Cameron’s face, plus the 3d-ness of a Tory staring at you is bound to thin the queue.

The winter Olympics: cyan ski jumpers falling out of your television could be pretty and cool. Who isn’t up for a bit of 3d curling in the wee small hours?

Fast food ads would look more appetising blue meat (the colour they spray it if it’s inedible), not so sure I want a 3d Chicken Sizzler poking me in the eye though.

Automobile ads might actually be really good in 3d and blue cars would make a change from silver, red and white. No knitted toys though.

Clearblue pregnancy tests will look snazzy in an ad with blue aliens finding out whether they’ll hear the bump of little tails on the tree stump…

A bandwagon yesterday.


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