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Stars of the Silver Screen!

Stars of the silver screen!

In the glamorous world of cinema, things move fast, are exciting and BIG!

As explained in a recent ‘behind the scenes’ article about us, our client EMPIRE Cinemas’ in-house publication – Pulse Magazine, showcased our ability to keep up. “Achieving the highest levels of quality takes time”, yet in just a few hours each and every week, we are capable of creating a huge amount of “dazzling pieces of artwork” which include POS, Print Ads and Facebook content.

We love cinema and it seems cinema likes us too.

Pulse Magazine Article 2013

The full Pulse Magazine article can be seen here


Knight Time Extravaganza

During a recent job there was a need for a knight and his family. Not having a knight handy and time being of the essence, we persuaded two of our account supremo’s Adam and Rachelle to step up and become regal.

After a quick photoshoot a guide illustration was created.

Armour (with a Cornish flag on it) and a dress clothed them in their roles as a Knight and his lady. Drinking lager / mead. A bowl was placed in front of them, just in case they got peckish.

(Sir) Adam was deemed too clean cut, so a new beard was fastened on, a scar appeared and his hair was mussed up, as if he had just taken off his helmet after a long, hard joust.

The client thought the ‘couple’ needed a child which after a long search, turned out to be the creative director’s daughter, Izzy.

The ‘pint of mead’ was dropped by Lady Rachelle and a fork with some hog roast on was picked up. Izzy found an Alice band and a bangle. Sir Adam just kept on drinking.

Still smiling, they were then positioned in the corner of a rather exciting poster.

The evolution of Gilbert, the Giraffe.

For our new client, Guinness Funds we’ve created a rather intelligent Giraffe called Gilbert. ZSL London Zoo’s Ellish was the model chosen for the initial photoshoot, for her quirky grace and long neck. We then set about illustrating, styling, sex-changing and accessorising, as you can see below.

See the Adverts in the Financial Times on a Saturday, or go to Brand Electioneering

Cinematic Panoramics

Empire Cinemas requested some shots of their cinema so that’s what we did…
We made the shots more interesting than your run of the mill snaps by taking multiple shots and merging them together in re-touching, using dramatic angles and adding members of the public (blurred for two reasons; they are not the focus of the shot and for privacy issues).

What goes into an IMPACT

Some effects take a lot of ingredients, as was the case with this Poster.
Within the different photoshop layers that make up the experience are the following odd and not so strange photos and pieces of graphics:

Our fabulous model
A blurry fish from the London Aquarium
A night club spotlight from Camden
The screening booth from a Impact screen in Basildon
A shiny bit of metal ruler in Islington
A David Bowie CD (Station to Station)
A crystal from a rather camp Victorian candle stick
A Derbyshire sky
A Japanese comic blast
And a warped lot of lines.

IMPACT poster development

Here is the IMPACT teaser poster showing the fantastic experience of the IMPACT screen. The image is made up of many layers of interwoven imagery; we thought it would be fun to show you just a few of the effects. Each layer illustrates the sights, sounds and comfort at an IMPACT screen.

Our Vans run on Pun Power

The Old Volks Home. Taking the classic Volksvagen ads as inspiration we produced these two flyers and a Christmas press advert.
Clean, quirky, retro and FUN. Just like the vans themselves..