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Croquet Away Day

Our summer do this year involved mallets, hoops and balls.
We all went down to Parsons Green Croquet Club for a challenging but civilised day knocking each other into next week.
No-one was black-balled, the sun shone and Pimm’s was quaffed.
A jolly good show all round. Here’s the evidence.



Les Ms. L


We have a new recruit to Brand Electioneering, the revolutionary Ms L.
What she doesn’t know about Social media isn’t worth ‘liking’.
Her passion for Musical Theatre makes her very happy, not Miserable…
especially after meeting Huge Jack-man at the Grande ouverture of the film of Les Mis.
That’s Entertainment!


A top-secretive client of ours wanted some research done quick on hipsters;
what brands they liked, where they went and what they did when they got there.

We went out vox popping around town and then did a little photoshoot on the street.

A little design and viola!  We have a page chock-full of content.

Plus some fun memories of a nice day out.

A Christmas ‘Do’

This year our work do was a sensible mixture of food and alcohol.

First off, the team headed to the famous American BBQ blowout Bodean’s to line / fill our stomachs for the festive deluge of booze to come.
After a few refreshment stops we ended up at a house in Shoreditch where we were joined by Lady Tricia and her Finnish friend.
The younger ones went clubbing while older ones struggled home.

Here’s what we looked like going to the restaurant..

And here’s what we looked like mid way through the cocktail session…
No more images could be taken for aesthetic reasons.

New to the ‘hood

Say Hello to our latest signing; the mysterious but cosy Rachelle.
A music maniac, she is working mainly on our newest client, the mighty, the amazing music community.
With experience of the Brit school, XFM and sharp fringes, she surfs the zeitgest for us while eat rich tea biscuits.
Un hooded she looks a little like this.

A new member of the BE team…

After a long selection process we are proud to introduce our new colleague… Eduardo Cactus, our new permalance.

His previous expertise is in green issues (conserving water) and security.
Although he may appear a touch prickly he’ll soon win you round with his sparkling repartee and when it comes to drinking games he is unbeatable at the tequila shots.
He never makes the tea though…


Segkind reaches St.Pauls…

Everyone from suits to tourists were treated to free Segway experiences last Friday, within the sunny vicinity of St.Pauls Cathedral.

The public were seen whizzing around a custom made track set up in Paternoster square just around the corner from Brand Electioneering HQ (all of whom were in attendance), demonstrating a varying degree of Segway skills and lap times.

Fun was had by all involved, if you would like your own Segway experience, cheek out…

Brand Electioneering are having a great time branding Segkind, from making videos to designing their website.
We go the extra mile for our clients, sometimes even on our clients products.