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Stars of the Silver Screen!

Stars of the silver screen!

In the glamorous world of cinema, things move fast, are exciting and BIG!

As explained in a recent ‘behind the scenes’ article about us, our client EMPIRE Cinemas’ in-house publication – Pulse Magazine, showcased our ability to keep up. “Achieving the highest levels of quality takes time”, yet in just a few hours each and every week, we are capable of creating a huge amount of “dazzling pieces of artwork” which include POS, Print Ads and Facebook content.

We love cinema and it seems cinema likes us too.

Pulse Magazine Article 2013

The full Pulse Magazine article can be seen here


This week we have mostly been listening to…

The Hype Machine

Social media meets office entertainment

The Hype Machine is great. It takes the best music blogs from the interweb, looks at what tracks they’re saying are great, and then puts them all up on their website to listen to (and buy, if you so wish).

Best of all, you can listen to the latest tracks being talked about online right now (updated every minute), the most popular tracks of the week, or even what people are listening to on the Hype Machine from different parts of the world (we can confirm that the people of Massachusetts have a great taste in music).

Definitely worth a try if you’re looking for something different to listen to, and are happy with the risk of running into a Kraftwerk Vs Princess Superstar Vs Madonna remix. Of course if you prefer, you can search by artist or song name if there is something you’re looking for, but where’s the fun in that?

Fun with Augmented Reality…

Augmented Reality shuttle

Augmented Reality – essentially the mixing of computer-generated images with real-life surroundings (in real time, of course) – has been around for a little while now, sometimes un-noticed (think over-the-top graphics on the pitch in Match of the Day) and more often, just amongst those with a keen interest in computers and technology.

But now it’s finding itself in the hands of consumers, and this week we spent a few minutes playing with Toyota’s augmented reality application which promotes their IQ model. It’s very clever – Simply print off a piece of paper with their logo on it (provided on their site) and hold it in front of your webcam, and you’re holding a virtual car in your hands which you control. Have a look at the pictures below, and give it a try!

There are a whole host of possibilities if Augmented Reality becomes a real success, from use in the classroom, to the medical room, brochures and magazines, not to mention messing around on your phone. For some examples of the latter, click here and here.

Toyota AR

Now now NOW!

The snowballing success of Twitter and Facebook has given web users a bigger thirst for up-to-the-second information than ever. Latest trends appear daily on the Twitter homepage, and everyone wants to know what everyone else is talking about, right now.

Real-time searching is no new thing – just a simple search on Twitter will bring up conversations on any given topic within seconds, but often the task of sifting through the nonsense is too much to bear. That’s where the likes of CrowdEye make a difference – and it’s one of the latest search engines that I’ve been using over the last week or two. Give it a try.

Just a search for London Fashion Week last week (which was just down the road, at Somerset House on The Strand) brought up photo albums as they were being uploaded, articles as soon as they were published, what other people were searching for and what they’re saying about it. A lot of which even Google is struggling to keep up with.

Proof if ever we needed it that brands and people alike are being sucked into the social media revolution.

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Related searches, up-to-the-second