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A SegRally Christmas

For Xmas, SegRally commissioned us to make its punters happy, so that’s exactly what we did. We told their happy customers by the means of an Email Marketing shot to a database of 16,000 SegKind members, a Google Adwords campaign and a Facebook promotion to all the Segfans.

The happy guys at SegKind have seen a four-fold uplift in sales and a whole load of new Facebook fans. Which is nice in the present climate.


The makings of a hero.

As you can see the work had humble beginnings; lead times were tighter than usual as Notts County Council couldn’t wait to tell the world about this exciting project in a Press Conference. The lack of time precluded models or even a top photographer.

At Brand Electioneering we rise to a challenge and got to work arming and clothing one of our own in Lincoln green. From logo to symbols, everything is of the same stripe.

Designing a brand doesn’t end with the logo.
The main task is to see how the new look permeates down from this positioning.
Making everything ‘Tiger-ish’ wasn’t an option; everything would look very similar:
trying to fit a the Tiger into the symbol for money or technical help would have been a bad fit.
It was decided the colours would be the connection.
There was a list of around 30 symbols and three large ‘PageTiger machines’ to create.
Grabbing these from a clip art library or trawling the net was not an option,
as the viewer would instantly know they were not of the brand, as well as looking pretty shoddy.

The client now has their very own bespoke range of imagery to choose from for almost every situation.
Have a look at to see them in action.

Knight Time Extravaganza

During a recent job there was a need for a knight and his family. Not having a knight handy and time being of the essence, we persuaded two of our account supremo’s Adam and Rachelle to step up and become regal.

After a quick photoshoot a guide illustration was created.

Armour (with a Cornish flag on it) and a dress clothed them in their roles as a Knight and his lady. Drinking lager / mead. A bowl was placed in front of them, just in case they got peckish.

(Sir) Adam was deemed too clean cut, so a new beard was fastened on, a scar appeared and his hair was mussed up, as if he had just taken off his helmet after a long, hard joust.

The client thought the ‘couple’ needed a child which after a long search, turned out to be the creative director’s daughter, Izzy.

The ‘pint of mead’ was dropped by Lady Rachelle and a fork with some hog roast on was picked up. Izzy found an Alice band and a bangle. Sir Adam just kept on drinking.

Still smiling, they were then positioned in the corner of a rather exciting poster.


A top-secretive client of ours wanted some research done quick on hipsters;
what brands they liked, where they went and what they did when they got there.

We went out vox popping around town and then did a little photoshoot on the street.

A little design and viola!  We have a page chock-full of content.

Plus some fun memories of a nice day out.

The evolution of Gilbert, the Giraffe.

For our new client, Guinness Funds we’ve created a rather intelligent Giraffe called Gilbert. ZSL London Zoo’s Ellish was the model chosen for the initial photoshoot, for her quirky grace and long neck. We then set about illustrating, styling, sex-changing and accessorising, as you can see below.

See the Adverts in the Financial Times on a Saturday, or go to Brand Electioneering

Turf Illustrated

We thought we’d start the year off with a taster of the many images we’ve done for our top turf client Everris. As you can see the grass could not be greener. Shot at the beautiful Belfry, fantastic award winning pitch of Aston Villa and great Leeds rugby club.