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Stars of the Silver Screen!

Stars of the silver screen!

In the glamorous world of cinema, things move fast, are exciting and BIG!

As explained in a recent ‘behind the scenes’ article about us, our client EMPIRE Cinemas’ in-house publication – Pulse Magazine, showcased our ability to keep up. “Achieving the highest levels of quality takes time”, yet in just a few hours each and every week, we are capable of creating a huge amount of “dazzling pieces of artwork” which include POS, Print Ads and Facebook content.

We love cinema and it seems cinema likes us too.

Pulse Magazine Article 2013

The full Pulse Magazine article can be seen here


We’ve moved to…Hatton Garden – a jewel on the mitt of the city

Brand Electioneering is loving the area with it’s mix of history, bling and pubs.
The market in Leather Lane full of life, fashion and arty types float about from St.Martin’s Art School while men stand around looking blank outside bullion shops.
Not as trendy as Old Street or as stuffy as Fleet Street, Hatton Garden has a charm all of it’s own.
Our new office has sunlight, good coffee, a nice loud stereo system and no bankers.

Meet us for lunch and we’ll buy the first drink!

Diamond dogs?

Morton Harket (Cockney RS For Market?)

Insert fruity banter here…

Golden Shrikes (bikes?)


Ernie & Burt’s (Shirts; finally got the hang of the lingo)

Lastly, one or two Boris bikes.

The name’s Bond…

Aside from the view of St Paul’s from the office window, and being a mere two minute’s walk from Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, one of the great things about 107 Fleet Street has to be our lift (as sad as it sounds). Not just any elevator, our lift appears in James Bond’s Diamonds Are Forever. Aside from the fact that we can’t actually call it from the first floor at the moment, and that it probably didn’t calmly announce ‘Mezzanine Floor’ every five minutes in the film – we still think it’s pretty cool.

Check out the photos of our very own Agent Trevor Mill, along with the video of the actual scene (and yes, they added the extra glass in the film just so they could smash it more)…

James Bond Lift

If you look reaally carefully, you can see the movie poster inside the lift

Diamonds Are Forever

Do not pass Go…

As we’re lucky enough to be located on the Monopoly Board, here are just a few views we get to enjoy from in and around the office…

Ludgate House (Brand Electioneering Towers)

Ludgate House (Brand Electioneering Towers)

fleet street  3rgb

Fleet Street

St. Paul's

St. Paul's


...Do not collect £200