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We are now
residing in
Centre Point.
It’s the
very large
Court tube.
There are
quite a
few stairs.
A pretty
cool place
to work.
if you like

Stairs smThe stairs. There are a few of these.

Ninth floor Centre Point sm3


The view this very morning. From the ninth floor. I’ll try to get to the top soon.




And here we are, at the top of the building, with close ups and captions.



Paramount_imagery 2 SM


Paramount_imagery 2A

Paramount_imagery 2B

Paramount_imagery 2C

Paramount_imagery 2D

Paramount_imagery 2E


We’ve moved to…Hatton Garden – a jewel on the mitt of the city

Brand Electioneering is loving the area with it’s mix of history, bling and pubs.
The market in Leather Lane full of life, fashion and arty types float about from St.Martin’s Art School while men stand around looking blank outside bullion shops.
Not as trendy as Old Street or as stuffy as Fleet Street, Hatton Garden has a charm all of it’s own.
Our new office has sunlight, good coffee, a nice loud stereo system and no bankers.

Meet us for lunch and we’ll buy the first drink!

Diamond dogs?

Morton Harket (Cockney RS For Market?)

Insert fruity banter here…

Golden Shrikes (bikes?)


Ernie & Burt’s (Shirts; finally got the hang of the lingo)

Lastly, one or two Boris bikes.