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Stars of the Silver Screen!

Stars of the silver screen!

In the glamorous world of cinema, things move fast, are exciting and BIG!

As explained in a recent ‘behind the scenes’ article about us, our client EMPIRE Cinemas’ in-house publication – Pulse Magazine, showcased our ability to keep up. “Achieving the highest levels of quality takes time”, yet in just a few hours each and every week, we are capable of creating a huge amount of “dazzling pieces of artwork” which include POS, Print Ads and Facebook content.

We love cinema and it seems cinema likes us too.

Pulse Magazine Article 2013

The full Pulse Magazine article can be seen here


A recipe for a website…


First we made the logo, attractive and bright with an illustration of the product on it, as off-roading Segway is an unusual activity. Adding the other logos of the Seg family makes it part of a bigger whole.

Next we had a day at the site filming, photographing, whizzing up, down and round and round on Segways.

Then we had ideas on how the buttons based on the dust kicked up by these racing machines.

Putting a strapline, headline and descriptive copy gives you something to read.

Sticking a nice big video and a soundtrack of some funky music (made by Rhys & Lawrence) gives the site an exciting focal point, showing the audience how fun and enjoyable it really is.

Placing a bold call to action balances the logo and makes it plain what we want the audience to do.

Finally adding a signature and giving it a bottom finishes the first phase of building the site. Extra pages have been designed and it’s all been given to our web building department.

The technical bods are building the site it as you read this.

Now that really is the icing on the cake!